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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

White Sapphire – The Precious Diamond Substitute

White Sapphire stone, also popularly known as Safed Pukhraj is one of the most prominent categories of the family of Sapphire gemstones family.

Physical Properties
In its natural form, it is colorless. However, for the fact, it is difficult to find one in absolute colorless form because of the presence of enormous elements of atmospheric impurities in environment. Therefore, most of the time, it is heat treated to bring into that form. As a result of it, most of the time, one came across only with White Sapphire which are not absolute white, but are lighter shades of blue, pink, or yellow colors. Irrespective of that, it still can be undoubtedly quoted as amongst the most beautiful gemstones. One highlighting aspect of it is its hardness, which is believed to be nothing short of the other hard category forms of sapphire stones.

With such properties, it is considered and popularly accepted as a less expensive version of diamond. However, the aspect that goes against it is its rare availability, in particularly in big sizes and fine qualities.

Australia, Burma, Cambodia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Tanzania are the prominent sources of this stone.

Associated Aspects
The astrological planet of Venus is associated with this stone, apart from diamond. Venus is influential on the life aspects of arts, beauty, creativity, generousness, love, higher state of awareness, and divine wisdom. These aspects get positively influenced with a benefic Venus, and negatively influence with a malefic Venus. A beneficially placed Venus also confers one with creativity, wealth, prosperity, and materialistic comforts. However, a malefic Venus can turn the tables to make all the above stated things flow against. With White Sapphire, the benefic state can be stimulated, and the malefic state can be nullified.

This stone is a source of glamour, energy, dynamism, and spark in one’s individuality. With those qualities, one is able to create a distinct impact wherever one goes. It helps one to make an individual stand and space for onese3lf, even when there are thousands standing in queue. It augments creative skills, intrinsic qualities, sex appeal, and an overall ability of its wearer to perform anything. Those who find themselves to be constantly on the plug of low energy levels can sense a positive change in their attitude and lifestyle with this stone. Energy levels improve,

It works as a safety shield to protect one from all possible troubles which are probable to arrive while travelling. It helps one overcome mental and emotional disturbances which are string with the incidents of child abuse, occurred during early days. It is also influential on Crown Chakra.

Healing Properties
White Sapphire holds healing properties to cure ailments related to nervous system and thyroid gland. It stimulates blood vessels, improves its functioning, and improves appetite.

Recommended To
People who aspire to make it big as models, actors, and sportsperson are recommended to have this stone. It is equally effective for those who are in anyway associated with the industry of public relations and media relations. With September being its associated month, all those born in the stated period are recommended to have this stone. Also, it is believed to be equally effective for those born in April. Other than them, those belonging to the either of the Zodiac Sign of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Taurus are destined to draw utmost out of it.


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