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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Benefits of Yellow Topaz

Yellow Topaz can primarily be stated as a semi-precious stone belonging to the Topaz family of gemstones. It is prominent found in yellow and various shades of yellow color such as bright yellow, brownish yellow, green yellow, and pale yellow. In comparison to other gemstones, it is counted as considerably less expensive. This, besides its astrological significance adds to its immense popularity both as an element of an ornament as well as an astrological stone.

Distinct and Extensive Benefits
In the light of the fact that it offers distinct and wide range of benefits, it is difficult to state and highlight any particular one to be the most prominent. Therefore, go through this detailed elaboration to know about the whole lot of benefits of Yellow Topaz.

Astrology describes it as an apt representation of the traits of fidelity, gentleness, honesty, kindness, soberness, pride, and confidence. All these aspects get physically reflected in the personality of the individual who wears this stone. A devoted and faithful contemplation of this stone also derives one with abundance of wealth, wisdom, status, and admiration in society. With this stone, one also restores past lost wealth or any past materialistic loss. As already stated, it is effective for settling in truthfulness and fidelity in life, and is therefore recommended to those who are in relationships for securing an honest partner.

One gets bestowed with a peaceful and gratifying life, with almost all sorts of sources of gratification available. It also liberates one from those causes of despair which are already present, as well as saves one from those which are likely to come about. It has been observed and accepted as an effective stone for controlling anger and over-aggression, and for enhancing creation by conferring one with philosophical serenity. This stone is believed to be bestowed with certain divine powers, which enable it to work as a shield for its wearer to protect him from evil energies and negative vibrations. It also protects one from accidents, attacks, injuries, or other such mishaps.

Healing Properties
It is comprised of healing properties with which it can effectively and quickly cure ailments such as frequent cough, cold, indigestion, futile appetite, jaundice, burning sensation in limbs, and liver related diseases. It is equally effective for curing psychological problems as well, and in specifically the problems of over-anxiousness, mental disorders, nervous disorders, and suicidal tendencies.

Other Beneficial Impacts
Yellow Topaz is the secondary gemstone (or ‘Uparatna’) for the planet of Jupiter (or Guru), which is the largest planet of the solar system. Out of that association, it is considered as highly influential on the way a certainly positioned Jupiter impacts its host. However, irrespective of its positioning, Jupiter can be strengthened and enhanced to make favorable for its host, with the help of this stone.

Recommended To
All these benefits are believed to get far more intense when this stone is worn by people belonging to the Gemini Zodiac Sign. It is also considered to be considerably effective for those belonging to either Libra or Scorpio Zodiac Signs. It is associated with number ‘1’, and all those born on this date of any month can gain auspiciousness by this stone. Those who are involved in a profile of work which involves handling or working in an accident prone environment are highly recommended to have this stone.

To ensure that you derive all the above stated benefits it its utmost form, it is essential to abide by the astrology processes as prescribed to be apt for wearing this stone. Primarily, wear it only on the day of Thursday. Also, wear it in gold, and in the index finger of the right hand.


Ranjeet Kumar said...
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James Bond said...

what about those with sagittarius ascendant? shouldn't they also wear yellow topaz?

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Tanvi Singh said...

Thankyou soo much for the valuable information...I have worn it today and hoping for the best results .... :-)

Tanvi Singh said...

Thankyou soo much for the valuable information...I have worn it today and hoping for the best results .... :-)

Aghori Baba said...

Adnan Al Zazai said...

Can Aries wear this stone ? is it good for wealth luck?

Adnan Al Zazai said...

Can Aries wear this stone ? is it good for wealth luck?

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