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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Know Your Gemstones

Scientifically, gemstones are rocks, minerals, and organic materials. Astrologically, they are the powerful remedial tools which can bring respite from varied problems and can fulfill varied desires of life. Though, there are more than 2000 gemstones found to be in presence in the existence, a very small fraction of it is actually brought in use as true gemstones. Precisely, there are around ninety different gemstones considered to be apt enough to be used as in gemstone jewelry and as in astrological remedial tools.

Gemstones and Their Varied Nature
Gemstones are believed to be comprised of divine powers which enable them to act as divine tools for their wearers. Astrologically, each of the gemstones has been precisely defined to be associated with different planets. Also, each of the gemstones has been defined to be comprised of varied divine powers, or energies, or vibrations. These energies and vibrations hold an ability to influence one’s destiny by influencing the energies as emitted by different planets. Though they are tend to be brought in use for positive results, the ultimate results which are actually attained may vary from one person to another. Out of their varied divine powers and abilities, different gemstones act differently on its respective wearers. That is the apparent reason behind the varied nature of influence as created by different gemstones on the whole, as well as the different influences one same gemstone creates on its different wearers.

Therefore, keeping the same in consideration, it is very important for a gemstone aspirant to carefully choose a gemstone for himself. While doing so, a person must get into the detail of the things, which involves confirming about the association that a stone shares with different astrological planets and different Zodiac Signs, influences that it usually creates, and remedial solutions with which it offers solutions to certain nature of problems. The fundamental aspect associated with the kind of impact that a gemstone creates over its respective wearers arrives out of the nature of association that it holds with different planets. There is a whole set of principles which define that nature of association between different gemstones and different planets, between gemstone and Lagna of an individual, and between gemstone and Birth Rashi of an individual. It is on these grounds that gemstone astrology functions.

Confirming It
As astrology, including gemstone astrology, is a subject of expertise, one must prefer to consult an astrologer before confirming upon wearing any gemstone. Gemstone astrology is fundamentally all about wearing a right gemstone for a right purpose. Wearing it right brings desired results, and wearing it wrong brings either no results or adverse results. A gemstone or a set of gemstones if worn abiding strictly by astrological prescriptions can generate great results in the desired space. However, if one chooses to neglect those prescriptions and principles, and go forth wearing gemstone of his choice out of an impromptu selection, and there are chances of him suffering the adverse impacts of gemstones.

Therefore, it should not only be about the magnificence of the stone, but more prominently about the true essence of the stone in respect to an individual’s Birth Rashi and Lagna which should be primarily considered. Consulting an astrologer is what seems to be the most appropriate way of confirming it. is one of the best places to avail all sorts of astrological products and services, as well as to buy all sorts of astrological products like Astrology Yantra, gemstones, rudraksha beads and astrology kavach.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lapis Lazuli-Gain Peace and Serenity

Lapis Lazuli belongs to semi-precious category of gemstones, and is considered to be the most beneficial of all the stones belonging to this category. Besides being influential with its impact, it is equally significant with its appearance. It has remained in the bracket of significance since ancient times, when it was believed to be a sapphire.

Physical Properties
It has derived its name out of the Latin term of ‘Lauzulus’ which means ‘a blue stone’, which precisely defines color of this stone. Usually found in blue and various shades of blue color, this stone intrinsically carries golden spots over surface which are not considered as stains or elements of inauspiciousness to it. For the fact, these physical properties do usually make this stone look like a sky full of shimmering stars. Amongst the varied color forms in which this stone is found, the one found in intense blue color is believed to be the finest of all and is also the most popular one.

Afghanistan, Soviet Union, USA, Canada, Russia, Chile, and Argentina are the prominent sources of this stone. Amongst these sources, Afghanistan is considered to be the most prominent one, with the kind of stones it sourced out are considered to be the finest of all.

Buddhists believe this stone to be an effective source of mental peace and serenity. Greeks believe it to be an effective remedial tool to ward off the impact of any poisonous substance or snakebite. Egyptians believe it to be a symbol of truth and a tool of protection from evil energies. Persians believe it to be the cause of blue-colored sky. Other than them, people in Rome and Mesopotamia believe this stone to be comprised of powerful mystical powers.

According to the beliefs of Vedic Astrology, it is associated with Goddess Bhagwati, who confers every true wearer of this stone with her blessings. Also, it is quite prominent as a stone symbolizing for the attributes of love, generosity, kindness, and determination. It promotes and intensifies these traits in a person, besides making one more charismatic and appealing by conduct to others. A person with this stone clearly reflects on his generosity and love by his actions.

This stone also makes one more optimistic about all the things and people present around, no matter what the situation is. Also, a person learns to lead a life full of peace and harmony, as well as does the same to the environment around. This stone also liberates one’s mind from all the elements of anxieties, stabilizes one on the emotional front, improves expressiveness, protect its wearers from all vulnerabilities and dangers, and promotes healthiness, financial status, and prosperous and constructive personal relationships.

Health Benefits
It injects in a spark of vividness, builds up core strength, and promotes masculinity. It also works effectively to strengthen vocal chords, thyroid, and skeletal system. It improves blood circulation, strengthens immune system, stimulates Throat Chakra, betters stamina, and brings relief from the health problems of chronic fever, anxiety, neuralgia, eye infections, stomach problems, larynx cancer, Hodgkin’s disease, autism, tuberculosis, jaundice, insomnia, weakness, psychoneurosis, diabetes, hemorrhoids, urinary troubles, tonsillitis, liver problems, cramps, and depression.

Influences Saturn
It is one of those effective remedial measures with which a malefic Saturn can be repaired and its negative influences can be ward off. It strengthens its positioning and makes it act in further favor of a person.

Most Beneficial For
As confirmed by the beliefs of Vedic Astrology, Lapis Lazuli stone has been found to be most beneficial for those who belong to Taurus Zodiac Sign, or those born on ‘9th’ of any month, or those with ‘9’ as their number. Other than them, those who wish to attain success, name, and fame in the field of any form of art including dance, drams, and music are recommended to have this stone. Pregnant women should wear this stone around their waist in order to ward off all child-birth related complications, as well all chances of miscarriage.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Benefits of White Sapphire

The perception about Sapphires, as settled in amongst most of the people, is that of a blue colored sparkling stone. However, those who closely follow the world of gemstones are well aware of the fact that they are also found in white color, which is referred as White Sapphire or Safed Pukhraj stone. It is hard at surface, sparkling in its appearance, and strongly transparent. This stone is primarily identified as an effective and inexpensive substitute of the very precious and expensive diamond stone. This is because of the similarities they hold on aspects of their physical properties, hardness of surface, and durability.

However, besides physical elegance, it has a lot to flaunt out of its metaphysical properties and its range of benefits. The benefits as offered by this stone are immense and varied, and are valuable enough to have drawn it the title of ‘King of Gemstones’ in the astrological world. In ancient times, kings and queens are in awe of this stone, and it was essentially meant to be a part of their treasures.

Positively Influences Venus
White Sapphire is associated with Venus planet. Venus is an extremely important planet in the astrological planetary system. It is believed to hold a major say in aspects related to love, beauty, wisdom, art, creativity, wealth, and prosperity in life. All these aspects get positively influenced by this planet only in case when it is positively positioned. When it is positioned in either weak or malefic state, these aspects get adversely influenced. This stone can be brought in stone in either of those cases for the purpose of strengthening Venus, intensifying its positive influences, and nullifying its negative influences.

Symbol of Love
White Sapphire represents for the feelings of love, passion, compassion, and fidelity. A person who wears this stone gets conferred with these attributes in immense.

Other Benefits
A person living in a place where this stone is present never meets a premature death. Also, it keeps all sorts of diseases, ill feelings, and vulnerabilities of suffering an explosion or lightening at bay. It is highly recommended to a pregnant woman as wearing this stone ensures delivery of a good child. In general, it derives prosperity, name, fame, and status to its wearers. It removes bad luck, brings good luck, wards off all sorts of evils and their impacts, and enhances intrinsic creative skills and artistic talents.

Healing Benefits
Astrologically, it has been confirmed to be influential over the Crown Chakra. Other than that, it strengthens blood vessels, stimulates nervous system, improves its functioning, and positively influences thyroid. It is recommended as a healing stone in case where one is suffering from any sort of problem of nervous system or thyroid.

Most Beneficial For
As confirmed by Astrology, it is most beneficial for those who belong to the Zodiac Sign of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Taurus, and those born in the month of April or September.

Things to Remember
As quite apparent from the above description, this stone is extremely valuable with the kind of benefits it offers. However, in order to ensure the same, one should keep in consideration few important things. Primarily and most importantly, one should ensure to get an authentic and unblemished stone only. An inauthentic or a blemished stone besides being ineffective, can also sometimes act lethally adverse on its wearers. In case, you buy an authentic stone and it somehow develop any sort of fault in itself, make sure that you do not wear it any longer. Other than that, make sure to abide by the rules of astrology while wearing it for the first time, as that ensures that stone expresses out its true positive energies in an utmost effective way. According to rules, if one is wearing this stone with an astrological purpose, then it should essentially be of at least 1 Ratti weight and it should be embedded in either silver or platinum. Also, one should wear it in bright fortnight on any auspicious Friday in ring or middle finger of right hand.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Shree Yantra - Instrument of Wealth

An auspicious Yantra made out of the very beautiful and radiant crystal, with a life of around 100 years, is what can be called as the perfect introductory line for Shree Yantra. However, going by the tremendous abilities possessed by this Yantra, it certainly seems to be too less and limited. There are many effective and appealing aspects to it, and without any order of significance, we will state them all.

The Popular One
Shree Yantra literally defines for ‘a tool of wealth’. Though considered to be an extremely popular Yantra by all dimensions, it is considered to be in specifically a favorite of businessmen and traders. It is because of its ability to derive immense financial gains, an overall growth, and incredible success to a business or trade. These abilities arrive to it by the association which it holds with Goddess Laxmi, the supreme Hindu deity determining the aspect of fortune, wealth, and prosperity in everyone’s life.

Possessing this Yantra with complete devotion and belief confers one with the blessings of Goddess Laxmi. When someone gets poured with her gracious blessings, one gains a lot in materialistic aspects of life. That is why, this Yantra comprised of her blessings is equally popular amongst everyone, including those who are rich and those who are not. All wealth related problems existing in a person’s life get eliminated for once and for all, with the arrival of wealth and prosperity in abundance.

Settles Positivity, Removes Obstacles
Shree Yantra is comprised of positive energies which it transfers to its wearers. These energies are so intensely positive that even the slightest elements of negative energies present within a person and in the environment around get permanently eliminated. The person as well as the environment where this Yantra is present gets filled with serenity and positivity. It also helps one complete those unfinished tasks, which because of some or the other obstacle had gone missing their actual line. It derives one with the fruits which one truly deserves out of his hard work and determination.

It also confers one with enhanced concentration which helps one do his respective work with excellence. If established on the study table of a child, it works wonders for his studies. A student gets far more determined with his efforts to do well in his studies. Parents who believe their child to be even a bit behind others when it comes to learning abilities or concentration, then they are highly recommended to establish this Yantra.

The Rules of Establishing It
Shree Yantra can be established in home, office, shop, business place, vehicle, or any other place where one wishes to derive the blessings of Goddess Laxmi. It is considered to be extremely auspicious if one establishes it in the temple of home, shop, or business place. Irrespective of the place you choose to have for establishing this Yantra, make sure to abide by the process of doing so only on an auspicious Friday.

The Process of Establishing It
As already stated, the process of establishing is required to be followed on Friday. However, the preparations for the same require you to get started a day before. Soak in the Yantra in saline water, on the night of Thursday. Let it be there for the entire night. Doing so will eliminate all the perceptible and imperceptible unconstructive elements existing in it. Next morning, bring it out, wash it wait normal water, and keep it on a moist land under the sun for some hours. Then, bring it back in to the place where you wish to establish it.

Sit down and wash Shree Yantra with a mixture of water, curd, ghee, milk, and saffron, followed by a swab with some plain water. Wrap it up with a yellow colored cloth and place it where it has to be established. Light incense sticks and lamps, in as many numbers as you want. Put a mark of sandalwood over the Yantra. Follow that by offering fresh fruits and flowers to it. Also, bring in some Gur (jiggery) and raw turmeric for offering. While you are being in this process, keep on devotedly reciting the associated Mantra of “Aim Hreem Namah”.

To Derive Utmost Benefits
If you wish to derive utmost benefits out of Shree Yantra, follow this simple and stable method. Hold profound devotion and express it routinely. The least which one can do is to see it in the morning, and probably touch it.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Black Tourmaline Crystal: The Popular Stone

Black Tourmaline stone can simply be defined as the black variety of Tourmaline stone. It is also known as ‘Schorl Tourmaline’. Basically, it is not actually plain black color, but very intense blue color which looks like black.

Black Tourmaline crystal is prominently known for its abilities to ensure protection from the ill-effects of all sorts of negative energies. It is in particularly preferred by those who are looking to get impervious protection around them. Besides that, it also offers psychic protection to its wearers. It is equally popular as a powerful stone causing spiritual stimulation in a person. It is believed to hold abilities with which it helps one gain a connection with the spiritual ground with which one originally belongs to. The large metaphysical properties as possessed by it make it one of the most widely accepted and widely used crystal gemstones. Read on to know elaborate details about this stone.

Large number of places from all around the world has contributed this stone in different parts. More precisely, Australia, Africa, Brazil, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and United States are the prominent sources of this stone. Among these, those found in Australia are considered to be comparatively highly stable than others.

A Crystal of Positive Force
It is like a source of positivity, which whiffs of an altogether divine positive force in a person. Here developing a positive attitude is simply about shedding negative attitude. It is very common for anyone to fall under pessimism when things are not going in the desired way. However, only those who learn to face and fight them on their face learn to move forth and earn themselves huge success. This crystal form assists in doing that. It augments optimism, thus making one hold a belief to fight and conquer things, even when all odds are against. It also protects one from those negative vibrations which one feel like getting from certain people. However, instead of nullifying them, it converts them into positive energies to then confer them to its wearer.

Besides that, it also bestows one with a never-say-die attitude. It ends all doubts which one holds regarding self. It helps one overcome the feeling of anxiety, irrespective of its nature and the source of its origin. It has been found to be immensely effective tool of assistance for those who practice spirituality and meditation. One learns to derive happiness in things present around. Luck also favors such person. Black Tourmaline crystal holds an influence on the two lowest Chakras, which are Earth Star Chakra and Base Chakra. However, wherever this stone is placed, the surrounding area will get entirely purified.

Healing Properties
It strengthens and stimulates immune system to make it function better. Those suffering from any sort of allergies find liberation from them with this crystal. It holds healing properties with which it can effectively cure problems related to spine and muscles, besides the problem of arthritis. You can also place one beneath your sleeping pillow, as doing so will soothe your mind and soul, and thus will result in a calm sleep. If you or anyone in your friends or family suffers from obsessive behavior, then this stone can very well work as a solution. It also safeguards one from the ill-effects of negative vibrations and radiations as caused by electrical devices.

Capricorn Birthstone
Black Tourmaline crystal is a Capricorn birthstone. Therefore, all the above stated benefits get far more intense and effective on those who belong to the Zodiac Sign of Capricorn.
The Way You Should Wear It
The most common way with which people prefer to wear this stone is as an element of jewelry, in specifically pendants. It is easy and effective. However, it is not as easy to get them. You might find other color verities of Tourmaline stone as an element of jewelry much easily, but finding this form is comparatively difficult. Prefer to have it over you during the day time. If possible, keep it on for the whole time. In case where you are instead keeping it in your bedroom, prefer to have a couple of them.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feng Shui for Home

Applying the reliable art of Feng Shui for stimulating different energies in favor, is about following some simple points. If you choose to understand the way different energies flow and function in your home, and the steps with which they can be stimulated for deriving favorable results, then you can literally control your life on the whole. This art works best when you consider one thing at a point, starting with simpler things and gradually moving to complex ones. Here we will try to make you learn about the same through step process.

Clear the Clutter: Any sort of clutter at any sort of place in your home, acts as a blockage for the flow of positive energies not only in that part but in other parts of your home as well. Identify and determine a list of things which you find to be absolutely useless for your life, and still lying in your home. Here clutter also refers to all those things which might be otherwise useful, but you find them to be completely useless in your case. After determining the same, clear them up as quickly as possible. This can be stated as the primary and basic step with which you should get started.

Check Quality of Air and Light: Ensure to have good quality of air and light in your home. That is applicable to all corners of your home. Air and light are two most essential elements of Feng Shui energy, and stimulating them in favor does good enough to stimulate energies in favor. You can do so by doing simple things like keeping a window open, ensuring to have enough windows in all rooms, using full-spectrum lights, using an air purifier, or planting Feng Shui air-purifying plants. You allow vibrant flow of air and light to flow in all corners of your home, if you ensure to have enough windows in all rooms and if you keep them open.

Define Bagua: Bagua is an effective and reliable Feng Shui way of determining the different areas of your home which are influential on certain aspects of your life. To do so, two methods can be brought into use. One is of compass school Bagua and another is of BTB grid. This works on a predetermined Feng Shui standard. For instance, south-east part of your home is associated with the money aspect of your life. Like this, all other aspects of your life and their association with certain parts of your home are precisely defined in traditional Feng Shui, which can be determined by any of the above two stated methods. The purpose of doing so is to identify the corner which is influencing a certain aspect of your life, and thus making all the required changes in that place in order to influence that aspect in favor.

Working around the Five Basic Elements: Feng Shui has defined five basic elements which are primarily influential on the follow of energy in your home. These five elements are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. According to one’s requirements, these five basic elements are used in a certain way. For instance, someone who is looking to stimulate the wealth Chi further in favor can do so by placing something related to the element of wood and water in the wealth area, i.e. in South-east part of home.

Determine Birth Element: Identify your Feng Shui birth element, and bring different elements of your home in concord to it in order to get your energy properly stimulated. People with different basic elements require different sorts of support. For instance, someone who has fire as its birth element, should have more of those things which are related to the colors of fire elements and wood elements (as wood is also one of the prominent sources of fire) in his home.

Evaluate The Trinity of Your Home: One important Feng Shui tip for home involves consideration and evaluation of bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen of your home, also called as trinity of home. The health and happiness aspect of your life as well as of those living in your home is directly proportional with the way this trinity is handled. Profoundly understand the details and learn about the Feng Shui tips with which these areas are required to be adjusted and arranged.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Jade Stone Jewelry

Jade, which is primarily found in green and different closer shades of green color, belongs to the semi-precious category of stones. Besides green, it is also considerably found in colors of blue, brown, lavender, off-white, red, white, yellow, pink, orange, grey, cream, and black. The term of Jade basically belongs to Spanish language. It has been sourced from the term of ‘Piedra De Hijada’, which defines for stone of the loin. That is the reason why this stone is also popularly referred as ‘loin-stone’, and thereby defining its ability to cure health problems related to loin. It is also popularly referred as ‘precious green stone’ because of its immense benefits as stated by astrology.

Classifications and Sources
As already stated, it is found in wide range o0f varieties on the basis of its varied colors. However, amongst all these forms, those found in green color is believed to be the most popular of all, especially among those who wish to have Jade Stone as an element of jewelry. Besides its distinction on the grounds of color, it has been categorized in two major categories of Jadeite and Nephrite on other aspects of its physical properties, which we will further discuss later in this article. Burma, China, Myanmar, South America, Russia, and Central America are the major contributors of this stone, thus fulfilling its huge demand as generated out of the need of astrology as well as its demand in the form of jewelry. Amongst these, Burmese Jadeite is considered as the supreme most quality amongst all.

Jadeite and Nephrite
Jadeite is the most auspicious and effective of these two forms. However, it is not as commonly found as the Nephrite form. The former holds a semi-opaque appearance. It comes in wide variety of colors such as grey-pink, pale-lilac, reddish-brown, white, reddish-orange, grey-blue, and green (Imperial Jade), with most of them being intense. The latter form of Nephrite is comparatively less transparent and less intense. It is also found in wide range of colors such as black, grey, yellow-brown, white, green, and blue-grey.

Its Benefits, As Effective As Its Beauty
Jade stone jewelry is one favorite preference for all jewelry lovers. Besides drawing the cult jewelry lovers out of its sheer magnificence and distinct beauty, it is one valuable stone for those who seek to derive certain astrological benefits out of it as well. Here, we will discuss about some major benefits and influences that this stone can bring in one’s life.

It makes one optimistic about life and all minor and major things of it. It brings good luck, love in relationships, and a stable life with no unprecedented hiccups. It improves one’s decision-making ability, and thus is considered to be effective for those working in higher positions. It enhances one’s management skills, especially wealth management. If presented as a gift to one’s partner, then this stone enhances love, fidelity, understanding, and trust in relationships, besides improving fertility and physical relationships. Also, one remains safe and sound with this stone in possession. Precisely, it protects one from accidents and ailments related to heart, kidney, and stomach. Those who are already suffering from any of these problems find a quick solution in the face of this stone.