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Monday, January 30, 2012

Cats Eye Stone Benefits

Cats Eye Stone has derived its name out of the striking similarity its physical appearance holds with a cat’s eye. The striking beam of ray passing through the centre of it makes it look like an exact replica of eye of a cat. Other than this prominent name, it has few other names such as Lehsunia, Vaiduria, Cymophane, and Chrysoberyl Cats Eye. It is prominently found in honey color, and few other close shades of it. Brazil, Burma, China, and Sri Lanka are the prominent sources of this stone. Gemini is the associated Zodiac Sign of this stone.

The Different Dimensional Benefits
It enhances one’s wisdom and intellect, and brings materialistic comforts of life in the form of immense wealth. It works as a safety guard to protect its wearers from mishaps, accidents, and evil plans of known and unknown foes. With this stone in possession, one never suffers from mental imbalances, physical weaknesses, and impacts of evil spirits. It enables one to get easily in sync with others as well as helps one to accept himself as one actually is. It stabilizes emotions, enhances senses, and improves one’s abilities to deal with problematic situations. One who feels to have feminine discomforts or intestinal maladies should have this stone in order to get rid of them.

The Strong Influence on the Shadow Planet of Ketu
Ketu, the shadow planet in the astrological system of planets, is associated with this stone. Astr5ology has dubbed this planet as the ‘tail of the dragon’, and has believed it as the descending node of planet Moon. Ketu, which does not hold any sort of physical existence, has been described to be of utmost significance on different aspects of life of a person. The way it is positioned in one’s horoscope and the nature of concord it is creating with other astrological planets, highly influences some very significant aspects of one’s life. However, on a thick note, it can be stated to be somewhat similar to Mars, as far as its influence and impact goes. Out of this association, Ketu is also referred as ‘Second Mars’.

It impacts the aspects of thinking of a person. When in favor, it confers a person with a liberal thinking, it enables a person to remain un-attached with the materialistic things of life, and it assists one in the path of Moksha or spiritual enlightenment. Also, it heightens one’s wisdom and emotions, and improves one’s healing abilities. However, that positive side can be sensed only when it is beneficially placed. All the above stated aspects might get adversely impacted if Ketu is residing in weak or malefic state. In either of these cases, its associated Cats Eye stone can be immensely beneficial. While the negative impacts can be nullifi8ed in adverse cases, positive impacts can be stimulated in further favor in positive cases.

The Proper Process to Wear It
The first and foremost condition which you are required to essentially follow is to wear this stone exactly in a way as astrology prescribes for. Otherwise, the above stated benefits might not occur in any intensity. So, ensure to do it righteously.

Primarily, do ensure to get it of at least 5 carets if you are buying it for an astrological purpose. Wear it either in the form of a ring or a bracelet, in silver only, on the right side of the body i.e. either in right hand or a finger of the right hand. The process of wearing it should be observed either on the day of Wednesday or Saturday. First wash the stone in raw milk and sacred Ganges water, and then follow it by chanting any of the Ketu Mantra of “Am Sram Srim Sraum Sah Ketave Namah” for at least 108 times.

Important Points to Remember
One can derive benefits out of this stone for a maximum period of three years from the day of wearing it. If you are wearing this stone, then do ensure to not wear pearl, ruby, or any of their substitute stones at the same time as they hold contradictory impacts with one another.


kunal sinha said...

Some one suggest me to wear a ruby and cats eye. what should i do?

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Unknown said...

Unlike the spam of positive comments from "Gemselections" I would rate this article as average to poor.

Many of the effects mentioned relate to all chrysoberyls, while a few relate specifically to chatoyant stones. For example the line:
"One who feels to have feminine discomforts or intestinal maladies should have this stone in order to get rid of them."

Actually applies specifically to chatoyant chrysoberyls.

Additionally what day to wear a stone is dependent on the stone and which planet it is associated with. Lastly, most stones should be cast in gold if following the original texts and references. (some silver, some other metals)

Unknown said...

Oh and another mistake that is rampant on the internet is the false belief that cat's eye is not compatable with pearls or ruby or red coral... in actuality Ketu is friendly with those planets, making those stones the only ones actually suitable to be worn with the cat's eye.

One other detail I learned is that Cat's Eye helps both Ketu and the Moon, which means one does not need to wear a moonstone or pearl with their Cat's Eye, although it remains optional.

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Ashok Roy said...

some one suggest me to wear cats eye ring in gold only. So i had already wear it on last Monday. So its the right posses or not please tell me.

Nisha Sharma said...

Cats Eye Gemstone is used for the malefic effects of Ketu , So what if my Ketu is already strong ? Can i still use this gemstone ?

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