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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Emerald Stone Astrology

In the world of gemstones, Emerald stones are considered to be the most fascinating with their looks. Basically found in green and different shades of green color, Emerald stone with its stunning and intense looks precisely defines its distinctiveness, and the reason for which it is considered as one of the most valuable of gemstones.

Association with Mercury
Emerald stone, also known as Panna is astrologically believed to be associated with the planet Mercury, often referred as prince of the planets. Mercury rules the aspects of business, communication, love, relationships, wisdom, learning, and insight. When Mercury is placed in a strong state in one’s horoscope, all these aspects get stimulated in a positive way. However, in case of malefic Mercury, one experiences an adverse impact for the same. Anyone with weak or malefic Mercury in their horoscope can overcome all the ill-effects as generated out of that, by having this stone.

Immense Benefits
Emerald Stone enhances one’s concentration ability, memory power, ability to gain wisdom, and rational power. It also makes a positive influence on the aspects of children, marital life, and higher studies. Those with their own businesses can derive high profits and success in new projects with this stone in their possession. The vivacity and intensity of the Emerald stone, as drawn out of its beautiful color, works as a source of making one feel more enthusiastic and energetic.

If two people who are in love with each other present each other with Panna or Emerald, then it is believed to bestow more happiness and stable love to both of them for one another. If a pregnant woman is made to wear this stone around her waist, then she will have a safe, normal, and a painless delivery.

Healing Effects
The green colored stone of emerald contain several healing properties, out of which one can get rid of some of the most lethal diseases. Over the time, it has proved itself to be highly effective for curing neurological disorders, and problems related to skin, intestine, and respiratory system. Also, those suffering from constipation, Parkinson, or an underdeveloped physical or mental state can sense an improvement by wearing this stone.

Wearing It
Anyone who wishes to wear Emerald stone should ensure to do so either in gold or silver. It should be weighed within the bracket of 3 to 9 carat. One can wear it either in the form of a ring or a pendant. If worn as a ring, it should be in the little finger of the right hand. The day, sate, and time of wearing it should necessarily be auspicious, and thus, one should ensure to get it correct by consulting an able astrologer.

Getting a fine quality of Emerald stone is difficult, as they are available in rare amount of quantity. Sometimes, one ends up having a moderate quality stone, which lacks evenness of color and are also highly vulnerable to release their vigor under different gradations. However, most of the times, it is the fine quality of Emerald stone which is usually available. It is in no way less appreciable than the finest quality of stone, as far as the aspects of significance and impact are considered.

Most of the Emerald is sourced out of Zambia.


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