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Friday, October 14, 2011

Significance of Emerald Stone

Emerald stone or Panna stone have always been considered to be an auspicious stone in the books of Indian Astrology. In particularly, it is considered to be a highly effective healing tool. Vedas, the sacred scripture of Hindu religion, has a mentioning about the Emerald gemstone in its many divisions. Emerald has been described as a stone bearing of which confers its wearer with good luck and healthiness. Emerald stone also bestows its wearer with an enhanced rational thinking, spiritual awareness, love, compassion, dignity, better understanding, and a better vision. Apart from that, a person also gets conferred with material comforts, property, and children. Emerald stone also liberates a person from the state of mental disturbances, and from the ill-effects of black magic, evil eyes, and evil spirits.
Emerald stone, if given as a gift to partner of love or marriage, can strengthen their relationship, and can fill it with lots of happiness and joy. Emerald or Panna, if tied around the waist of a pregnant woman, can ensure a safe and easy delivery of child. Emerald is considered to be highly effective for students, intellectuals, writers, doctors, and diplomats, accountants; as well as for those belonging to the field of education, business, engineering, medicine, astrology, science, architecture, and property. People suffering from neurological disorders, respiratory problems, Parkinson disease, intestine problems, skin ailments, constipation, a retarded mental state, or lack of physical growth can also use Emerald gemstone as a healing tool for their problems.
Anyone who wishes to wear an Emerald or Panna stone should wear it only in silver. Emerald should be worn only on the day of Wednesday, during the time of sunrise. Also, all the rituals which are required to be performed as a part of the Emerald bearing ceremony should be done in the early hours of morning. The Emerald being chosen should not be less that 2.5 Ratti or less than weight of 300 grams. Before wearing the gemstone, one is required to wash the Emerald with un-boiled milk. Then after touching the gemstone with the feet of the idol of the desired God, one should bear it while reciting the Mantra of “Om Braam Breem Broum Sah Bhudhaya Namah". Then one should offer paryers to the Lord, asking Him to confer His blessings. One should also make heartily donations to a Brahmin, as well as should feed a cow with green vegetables, according to one’s own ability.


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